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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Quarantine has been a rollercoaster that’s for sure.

When you have no work to distract yourself from your inner emotions, you must feel them.

There are no other means to drown them away. In work, in routine, in the daily struggle.

It’s almost as if a higher power has said to us, calm the fuck down, get off the high road and take some time off in the naughty corner.

It’s forcing us to face our demons, the demons that have always been there.

So why not take this time to truly feel those deep-seated emotions, no matter how painful they feel.


Accept them.

Remember those emotions are trying to tell you something.

They are fragmented aspects of your personality, your hurt inner child begging you to be heard.

So why not listen?

We may never have this time again, a time for reflection, pausing, philosophy.

So, use it.

Accept where you are, accept yourself, and accept your past.

Grow the awareness of your mind and body, understand yourself, and free your inner dragon.

Become the phoenix, rise from the ashes of pain, insecurity, and fear.

And leave quarantine anew.

Don’t drown yourself in work and be a human doing.

Feel your emotions, trust yourself, and become what you were always meant to be.

A human being.

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