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Don’t let the fear of Death,

stop you from living.

Quite the opposite.

Focus on the inevitability of death,

and your vision will truly hone.

Death may be feared,

but we all know it is so far away.

Yet, everyone close will be reminded,

of its inevitability,

when it comes to that fateful day.

Memento mori, meditate on your mortality,

see life through the clearest lens.

Your final thoughts on your death bed,

are you filled with regret?

or joy?

Use death as a reminder,

to teach you to live.

Are your problems going to matter,

when you reflect on them,

staring at your loved ones for the last time?

So accept death as a part of life,

and take joy in every new breath.

For people taking on life,

those truly living,

have no fear of death.

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