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How do you make the fitness habit stick?

So, how do you make the fitness habit stick? October is generally the quietest time in the year for gyms. It's cold, no one has to be seen topless on the beach, and new years is just around the corner, so why not just wait until then?

Haha, wrong.

Why procrastinate and wait until the "perfect" time?

There is no perfect time. It's a lie.

In the West, we're obsessed with doing things perfectly. A lady said to me before "how do I get myself to run 4 days a week?". To that, I replied, "why don't you just run once a week and build it up from there". Disgusted, she replied, "no! What's the point in running one day a week?"

The only thing you need to do, every day, is show up. That's it, that's all you can control. The rest will be taken care of, just get to the gym, put the running shoes on, or take your bike outside. If then, you still feel awful, and you need a rest, do 5 minutes of your session. If then, you STILL need a rest, then fine, take the day off. Or just go through the motions. Getting to the gym is the hard bit, I promise. Once you're there, the people will boost you up, the atmosphere will make you feel alive.

So, let's focus on getting to the gym - how can we make that as easy as brushing your teeth?