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How I got my first pull up and 5 tips for your first!

Picture me walking into the gym with a buddy of mine. "Hey! Try a pull-up!" he said. "Sure," I said as I walked over to the pull-up bar.

The humiliation I felt as I couldn't even move an inch was overwhelming. That immediately lit the fire in me to get my chin over the top of that bar.

Fast forward to today, and I'm repping out +40kg pull-ups. Check it out in the instagram link below.

But the funny thing is now I teach people how to get their first pull up every day and have helped hundreds of people master their body-weight with much more advanced moves within the discipline of calisthenics.

So here are my top 5 tips on getting your first pull up:

1) It's a skill, train it a lot. If you want a pull-up, or any skill for that matter, you're gonna need to train it a lot. That means about 4 times a week, but if your body allows you to, train it more. I couldn't do a front lever for years, but when lockdown hit, I just did a front lever every time I passed my pull up bar, and now I can hold it easy.