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Choose your suffering

Updated: May 19, 2020

“Damn, that titles pretty morbid Ollie” I hear you say.

Only this morning did I really wrap my head around this concept. I mean come on, all of life can’t be filled with suffering.

This morning I got up, in a shitty mood, not wanting to fulfill my daily obligation of a 5 am run.

But hey, I sucked it up, laced my shoes up, and got it done.

The run wasn’t half bad but it still sucked. However, when I got home I had a realisation. “I’ve gotta do this shit every day for the rest of my life,” I said to myself. I’m not allowed a day off.

After that, an even worse thought came into my head: “later on, I’ve got to do a whole leg day when I can barely feel my legs”.

I just had an overwhelming feeling of what the fuck. Is this what life really is about? Do I just beat myself down and constantly overcome myself?