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Updated: May 19, 2020

I’ve meditated every day for 4 years.

For me, meditation means awareness. Sitting down, observing, watching as the shitstorm unfolds in my own head. I just watch, see, observe. I don’t judge, I don’t wish to change it, I just accept it.

This is so different from how I’ve dealt with everything in my life.

I’m usually an attacker, I take things head-on, pushing through the pain. I do things when my body doesn't want me to do it and I definitely don't listen to it when it tells me to stop.

But meditation for me is the way of acceptance. It is stoic philosophy bundled into daily practice. One watches, and whatever comes up deep from the abyss becomes the way.

The thoughts that arise are not you, they are created by the machine that is your body, a processor that takes in stimulus from the outside and inside world and relays those messages to your conscious thoughts.