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Updated: May 19, 2020

Feeling motivated is great.

You lace up your running shoes and you’re out running! You’re doing it. You’re finally living your dream of getting fit!

But what happens when it’s raining outside, and you need to run?

What happens when your legs are begging you to stop?

What about when the mind is telling you to give in?

It’s when all the noise is gone. When the New Year’s fireworks have stopped and the aroma of sweat paired with dwindling motivation has slowly crept up on you.

Now it’s showtime. Now is the time when you separate yourself from the pack.

Motivation is crap. You must be driven. Obsessed.

You must reorient your life, to make the probability of achieving your goal as high as possible.

When you’re driven, you don’t care about the rain, about the sore legs, or about anything that stands between you and your dream.

You get up. You look forward and you attack.

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