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On Meaning.

Updated: May 19, 2020

We each choose how to perceive the world.

There is nothing wrong with nature. We are guests on God’s earth, and it was made fine.

We are the problem.

My mind has been harassing me with new thoughts recently on the meaning of life, on purpose.

“Who cares, why try when nothing you do even matters?”

“All of your efforts may fail, and you will end up back where you started!”

“Why suffer? Why is this all worth it?”

As you could probably tell from my posts so far, I like to go deep in thought.

This was from a culmination of reading, studying and listening to countless texts on philosophy.

And for me, the root question of philosophy is simple – why?

This question allows for deeper thought, for deeper meaning in everything we do, but it can trap one in a spiral of self-doubt, interrogation, and eventually, lack of meaning.

When you live the examined life, it’s like peeling an onion (a shameless reference to Mark Manson here).

Every layer you descend deeper into your soul brings up the pain, hurt, and probably some crying along the way.

You descend all the way to what David Goggin’s calls mineral soil, right at the heart of who the fuck you are.

This begs questions such as – what’s the point of all this? What’s my purpose? Why live anyway?

But the beauty lies in finding the answers because once you know why you can answer any how.

The beauty lies in having faith, that even though you can’t answer those questions right now, something out there will give you the answer in the future.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve descended to the root questions and my life has become so much more fulfilled when I could start to answer those questions.

My purpose is family, giving back to my current, and creating the best prospects for the future.

My purpose is self-discovery, finding more of myself so that I can be better to give more back to others.

My purpose is to find something that I can do every day that makes someone else’s day better. Just a small thing. I believe whole-heartedly in the butterfly effect and so every good action I take will compound up and make the world a better place.

There will be plenty more why’s that come up in the future, but that’s up to me to find.

And if you have no purpose right now, if you have no answers to those questions, don’t worry.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward, but you can connect them looking backward.

So, you must have faith in something, that the dots will connect somewhere down the road.

Hold those traits that you believe close to your heart, keep doing what you love, and you will find it.

You’ll find yourself.

Because the funny thing is, you’ll never want to be finished on that journey anyway.

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