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Once again

Once again, awake in a foreign body,

Awake in a human with no purpose, no meaning, lost in the wild,

Awoken from a splendid sleep,

Put to sleep by promises of a better man.

Once again, I feel the burden that he wouldn’t bare,

And once again, bear the burden that he couldn’t face to feel.

Once again, I toil with these feelings,

Of sorrow, pain and despair,

All hidden by the calming whisper of hope.

Once again, I choose to rise like a phoenix,

Already destined for the path back to the ashes.

Once again, shouting murmurs of salvation,

That echo in the halls of a self-imposed prison.

Again, and again, the promised lands looms,

Perching just within grabs, just out of reach,

Until you realise, once again,

The seeds of freedom are planted all around you,

You just have to stop and water them.

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