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The Buddha - "Life is suffering"

Updated: May 19, 2020

What did the Buddha mean when he spoke these historical words? In an almost-cruel cosmic joke, did he lade us all with the unrelenting weight of struggle? What a pessimistic way to look at life!

Yet, with the maturity and reflection of the past few years, I’ve in a sense come to understand what the Buddha was inferring, rather like the sentiment of a man from a completely different sphere of life;

"On the other side of suffering is greatness"

- David Goggins

What is the purpose of suffering and what place does it play in our modern western world? In a world of abundance, it takes a true man to face struggle, fear, and practice scarcity.

Step. Step into your fears. Step into the struggle. Face your demons. Find out what you are truly made of. And in doing so, find out what greatness resides within you.

You may look around and see nothing but pain within and no one to meet you in this territory without. “Suffering” may try to take its hold over your temporary moment of weakness.

Feel the fear, suffer through it, and overcome your Struggle.

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