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The spotlight of consciousness

Updated: May 19, 2020

Consciousness is a spotlight in a warehouse, and the warehouse is our body.

It contains the buried emotions of our past.

The anger and hate that was never truly felt.

The dreams and aspirations of our future.

All shelved away, forgotten.

Some of them are on display, only recently put there at the base of the storage units.

Others are stockpiled in security boxes, high up in the warehouse.

They are safes with a passcode of love and understanding, but with a weight of pain and suffering.

But these storage units can only handle so much, and the emotional baggage is growing and growing, take up more space in your body.

The longer you leave those emotions, the higher up they go in the warehouse, and the more they weigh.

The only way to stop them from falling under the shear pressure of their weight is to shine the spotlight on them.

The only way is to feel them with pure loving awareness.

Yes, they may fall, and you may fall along with them, but the body and mind will be rebuilt stronger, with a firm base, rooted in love and acceptance.

They’ve been locked away for a long time, gathering weight, just waiting for their moment to fall.

So, I ask you to feel and fall with them, to understand them, to be aware of them.

Before the whole warehouse comes crashing down on you.


Photo by Ruchindra Gunasekara on Unsplash

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